CAP 6.8F -20% +80% 2.5V T/H
其他名称:283-2507 526-2507 526-2507-ND
制造商Eaton - Electronics Division
ESR(等效串联电阻)100 毫欧 @ 1kHz
不同温度时使用寿命70°C 时为 1000 小时
端接PC 引脚
大小 / 尺寸0.413"" 直径(10.50mm)
高度 - 安装(最大值)1.240""(31.50mm)
工作温度-25°C ~ 70°C
电压 - 额定2.5V
PPowererStStoror®Aerogel Supercapacitors B SeriesDescriptionThe PowerStor Aerogel Capacitor is a unique, ultra-high capacitance device based on a novel type of carbon foam, known as carbon aerogel.Aerogel capacitors are similar to supercapacitors, ultracapacitors and electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLCs) with the added benefit of low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance). Features & Benefitsigh specific capacitanceery low ESR ow leakage currentsLong cycle life Ultra low ESR also available (A Series) ApplicationsMain power Hybrid battery packs Hold-up power Pulse power SPECIFICATIONS Working Voltage 2.5 volts Surge Voltage 3.0 volts Nominal Capacitance Range 0.22 to 50 FCapacitance Tolerance -20% to +80% (20°C)Operating Temperature Range -25°C to 70°C STANDARD PRODUCTS NominalPartNominal ESRNominal Dimensions CapacitanceNumber(Equivalent Series Resistance) (F)Measured @ 1kHz ( !)0.22B0510-2R52243Ø = 5 mm;L = 11 mm 1.0B0810-2R51050.400Ø = 8 mm;L = 13 mm 1.5B1010-2R51550.300Ø = 10 mm;L = 12.5 mm 2.2B0820-2R52250.200Ø = 8 mm;L = 20 mm 3.3B1020-2R53350.150Ø = 10 mm;L = 20.5 mm 4.7B0830-2R54750.150Ø = 8 mm;L = 30 mm 6.8B1030-2R56850.100Ø = 10 mm;L = 30 mm 10B1325-2R51060.060Ø = 13 mm;L = 26 mm 22B1635-2R52260.040Ø = 16 mm;L = 35 mm 33B1835-2R53360.030Ø = 18 mm;L = 35 mm 50B1840-2R55060.025Ø = 18 mm;L = 40 mm PERFORMANCEParameterCapacitance ChangeESR (% of initial measured value)(% of initial specified value) Life (1000 hrs @ 70°C @ 2.5 volts DC) "30"300Storage - low and high temperature "30"300(1000 hrs @ -25°C and 70°C)CYLINDRICAL DEVICEVisit us on the Web at www.cooperET.com 3601 Quantum Boulevard Boynton Beach, Florida 33426-8638 Tel:+1-561-752-5000 Toll Free:+1-888-414-2645 Fax:+1-561-742-1178 DIMENSIONS(mm) Part NumberDD'LL'Fd'CC' B0510-2R52245.05.511.512.02.00.5020.05.0 B0810-2R51058.08.513. B1010-2R515510.010.513.914.45.00.6020.05.0 B0820-2R52258.08.520.521.03.50.5020.05.0 B1020-2R533510.010.521.822.35.00.6020.05.0 B0830-2R54758.08.530.531.03.50.5020.05.0 B1030-2R568510.010.531. B1325-2R510613.013.527.928.45.00.6020.05.0 B1635-2R522616.016.537.538.07.50.8020.05.0 B1835-2R533618.018.537.538.07.50.8020.05.0 B1840-2R550618.018.541.542.07.50.8020.05.0 Manufacturer Capacitance (F) Max.Operating Voltage (V) Series Code (or part number) Polarity Marking Standard packaging:Bulk, 100 units per package. Special packaging available upon request.Contact factory. PART MARKINGPACKAGING INFORMATION Visit us on the Web at www.cooperET.com 3601 Quantum Boulevard Boynton Beach, Florida 33426-8638 Tel:+1-561-752-5000 Toll Free:+1-888-414-2645 Fax:+1-561-742-1178 This bulletin is intended to present product design solutions and technical information that will help the end user with design applications. Cooper Electronic Technologies reserves the right, without notice, to change design or construction of any products and to discontinue or limit distribution ofany products. Cooper Electronic Technologies also reserves the right to change or update, without notice, any technical informa tion contained in thisbulletin. Once a product has been selected, it should be tested by the user in all possible applications. PS-5102 9/02© Cooper Electronic Technologies 2002L'LCC'F±0.5¯d'PVC SLEEVEVENT¯D¯D'PART NUMBERING SYSTEMB"!!"!!"!!" -2 R 5 "!!"!!!!"!! "SeriesDimensions (mm)Voltage (V)Capacitance CodeR is decimal B = HighDiameterLengthValue Multiplier Capacitance2R5 = 2.5VExample: 475 = 47 x 105µF or 4.7 FMinimum ±0.02±0.5 Maximum Note:Longer lead is positive PPowererStStoror®Aerogel Supercapacitors B Series
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