供应商: Mouser Electronics
分类: Fiber Optic Transmitters, Receivers, Transceivers
描述: Fiber Optic Transmitters, Receivers, Transceivers MiniPOD TX Round HS 300m
ProductCategory: FiberOpticTransmitters,Receivers,Transceivers Manufacturer: BroadcomLimited Brand: Broadcom/Avago FactoryPackQuantity: 10
供应商: Mouser Electronics
分类: Transmissores, receptores e transceptores de fibra ótica
描述: Transmissores, receptores e transceptores de fibra ótica MiniPOD TX Flat HS 100m
Categoriadeproduto: Transmissores,receptoresetransceptoresdefibraótica Fabricante: BroadcomLimited Marca: Broadcom/Avago Quantidadedopacotedefábrica: 10
供应商: Mouser Electronics
分类: PCI Interface IC
描述: PCI Interface IC 16 lane 16 port Gen2 PCIe switch w/DMA
ProductCategory: PCIInterfaceIC Manufacturer: BroadcomLimited Type: Switch-PCIe NumberofLanes: 16Lane NumberofPorts: 16Port MinimumOperatingTemperature: 0C MaximumOperatingTemperature: +70C MountingStyle: SMD/SMT Package/Case: HSBGA-324 Packaging: Tray Brand: Broadcom/Avago FactoryPackQuantity: 840 Version: Gen2
供应商: Mouser Electronics
分类: Herramientas de desarrollo de interfaz
描述: Herramientas de desarrollo de interfaz RDK (x1 Up, 5 x1 Dn) PEX8606 Add-in Card
Categoríadeproducto: Herramientasdedesarrollodeinterfaz Fabricante: BroadcomLimited Producto: DevelopmentKits Tipo: PCIExpress LaHerramientaesparalaEvaluaciónde: PEX8606 Marca: Broadcom/Avago Tipodeinterfaz: PCI Cantidaddeempaquedefábrica: 1
供应商: Mouser Electronics
分类: High Speed Optocouplers
描述: High Speed Optocouplers 4Ch 8mA 200mW Hermetically sealed
ProductCategory: HighSpeedOptocouplers Manufacturer: BroadcomLimited Package/Case: Flat-Pack16 DataRate: 5Mbps NumberofChannels: 4Channel OutputType: OpenCollector Vf-ForwardVoltage: 1.3V If-ForwardCurrent: 8mA Pd-PowerDissipation: 200mW MaximumOperatingTemperature: +125C MinimumOperatingTemperature: -55C Brand: Broadcom/Avago FallTime: 10ns Height: 2.85mm Length: 11.13mm OutputCurrent: 15mA RiseTime: 45ns FactoryPackQuantity: 1 Width: 7.24mm
供应商: Verical
分类: Lighting Driver and Controller ICs
描述: QEDS-9593
供应商: Verical
分类: Optical
描述: HEDC-5560-H06
供应商: Verical
分类: Interface Modules
描述: Eight-Port 6Gb/s PCI Express, 3.0 SATA, SAS RAID Controller
供应商: Verical
分类: Specialized Fiber Optic
描述: 1.5um EML Chip Optical Component
供应商: Verical
分类: Cable Assembly
描述: Standard attenuation Duplex Connectors, 5 meters cable
Gender: F Operating Temp Range: -40C to 85C