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供应商: Mouser Electronics
分类: Ferragens de fixação
描述: Ferragens de fixação Wall Mounting Kit for Ares-6210
Categoriadeproduto: Ferragensdefixação Fabricante: ARBORTechnology Produto: MountingKits Tipo: WallMount Material: Steel Comprimento: 55mm Marca: ArborTechnology Quantidadedopacotedefábrica: 1 Largura: 20mm
供应商: Mouser Electronics
分类: Adaptadores CA para Desktop
描述: Adaptadores CA para Desktop 19V/6.32A 120W AC/DC adapter kit
Categoriadeproduto: AdaptadoresCAparaDesktop Fabricante: ARBORTechnology Tensãodeentrada: 100VACto240VAC Númerodesaídas: 1Output Potênciadesaída: 120W Tensãodesaída-canal1: 19V Correntedesaída-canal1: 6.32A Comercial/Médico: Commercial ConectordesaídaDC: BarrelPlug PlugueCAincluído/obrigatório: Included Marca: ArborTechnology Estilodemontagem: Desktop Quantidadedopacotedefábrica: 1
供应商: Mouser Electronics
分类: Computadoras integradas
描述: Computadoras integradas Rugged Box PC Intel Core i5-3610ME
Categoríadeproducto: Computadorasintegradas Fabricante: ARBORTechnology Marca: ArborTechnology Serie: RigidBox Cantidaddeempaquedefábrica: 1
供应商: Mouser Electronics
分类: Computer Cables
描述: Computer Cables Cable Kit for EmCORE-i2702
ProductCategory: ComputerCables Manufacturer: ARBORTechnology Product: CableKit Brand: ArborTechnology Description/Function: KitincludesvariousCOM,USB,SATA,VGAcables FactoryPackQuantity: 1 Part#Aliases: 6910827020000P
供应商: Mouser Electronics
分类: Dissipadores de calor
描述: Dissipadores de calor Heat Spreader (114*95*8mm) for EmETX-i2700
Categoriadeproduto: Dissipadoresdecalor Fabricante: ARBORTechnology Produto: HeatSinks Comprimento: 114mm Largura: 95mm Altura: 8mm Projetadopara: EmETX-i2700 Marca: ArborTechnology Quantidadedopacotedefábrica: 1 Aliasesdenúmdepeça: 2631140950805P
供应商: Mouser Electronics
分类: sabbsdcsayuubyvfwvfabczfvzv
描述: Arbor Technology 95W Auto Power Adapter for G0975(Provided by Lind)
ProductCategory: ArborTechnology Manufacturer: ARBORTechnology Brand: ArborTechnology FactoryPackQuantity: 1
供应商: Mouser Electronics
分类: CPU & Chip Coolers
描述: CPU & Chip Coolers CPU Cooler (114*95*29mm) of EmETX-a55E0 for 18W APU
ProductCategory: CPU&ChipCoolers Manufacturer: ARBORTechnology PowerRating: 18W Brand: ArborTechnology Product: ChipCoolers FactoryPackQuantity: 1 Part#Aliases: 2611140952900P
供应商: Mouser Electronics
分类: Embedded Box Computers
描述: Embedded Box Computers Rugged Box PC AMD G-T40N SSD-RAM LVDS
供应商: Mouser Electronics
分类: Inbouwcomputers
描述: Inbouwcomputers Extreme Rugged, Intel Atom N270, Fanless Embedded Controller
Productcategorie: Inbouwcomputers Fabrikant: ARBORTechnology Processormerk: Intel Processortype: IntelAtomN270 Chipsets: 945GSE,ICH7M Merk: ArborTechnology Verpakken: Bulk Processorreeks: IntelAtomN270 Reeks: RIGID Verpakkingshoeveelheidaffabriek: 1
供应商: Mouser Electronics
分类: Embedded Box Computers
描述: Embedded Box Computers Fanless Programmable Embedded Controller
ProductCategory: EmbeddedBoxComputers Manufacturer: ARBORTechnology Brand: ArborTechnology FactoryPackQuantity: 1